What our customers write about us

Before I started seeing Dr. Riepenhoff I was always tired and depressed. I was on so many different medications that made me feel like a walking zombie. All I wanted to do was sleep all day and night. I could not even keep up with my teenagers! Since I have been seeing Dr. Riepenhoff, my energy has increased a lot. He even got me to change my eating habits. With the changes he made, my medical doctor took me off most of my medications.


I initially started seeing Dr. Riepenhoff after I was in a car accident. The pain from it was unbearable. I was having difficulties in all aspects of my life – work was difficult, I could not sleep, I had no energy, and I was getting very irritable with my family. When I finished with my care plan not only was the pain from the car accident gone, the pain that I had before the accident was gone as well! I feel better today than I did 20 years ago!!!